Quality, Durable Crusher Buckets From Boss Attachments Are Available For Construction And Mining Projects In QLD, NSW, WA, And VIC

For projects in QLD, NSW, WA, and VIC; Boss Attachments provides a range of crusher buckets and other earthmoving and demolition equipment. The company has been providing equipment to industries such as mining, construction, forestry, and others for nearly a decade. Customers throughout Australia rely upon the quality and durability of BOSS equipment to complete their projects on time and on budget. Customers can choose from a range of earthmoving buckets, Italian made demolition equipment, and crushing technology.

Italian Designed Crusher Buckets For VIC Projects

Among the largest range of earthmoving attachments and demolition equipment in Australia are a variety of crusher buckets for QLD projects or those located anywhere in the country. Boss Attachments supplies MB crusher buckets, which are considered to be the best in the industry. They are designed and manufactured in Italy using only the finest materials. This ensures their durability as MB crusher buckers are able to resist wear and perform admirably even in the toughest of working conditions.

BOSS also supplies MB crusher attachments. MB is the world’s leading producer of such attachments. They are used to crush any material but iron. The crushed material is then easily placed in a truck or into a site that needs to be filled. These attachments help to speed up operations. The MB crusher bucket is the only one on the market with double jaw movement, which increases productivity on job sites.

Crusher Buckets In WA Support Road Work, Demolition, And Excavations

MB crusher buckets support a wide range of projects including demolition, excavation, road work, and recycling. These buckets can help to save time, energy, resources, and precious man/hours on a work site. Those who use these buckets from Boss Attachments will notice a significant reduction in costs, especially those related to disposal. Crusher buckets can help excavate an area, crush the materials, and re-use those materials at the excavation site.

Choose Boss Attachments For All Your Earthmoving Needs

As mentioned, Boss Attachments provides a wide range of demolition and earthmoving equipment in addition to crusher buckets in NSW. BOSS is also the exclusive Australian distributor of OSA demolition equipment. The hydraulic hammers, demolition shears, rock breakers, and more are all designed and made in Italy, a world leader in the engineering of such products.

Boss Attachments is able to provide all of this high-quality equipment to job sites all over Australia. The company has streamlined its delivery system to meet the needs of the industry. With an efficient warehousing system, all orders are processed very quickly. Equipment can shipped promptly and directly to work sites around the country to make sure that customers are able to meet their deadlines.

Boss Attachments customers are also protected by the company’s 12-month warranty. The warranty covers all earthmoving and demolition products. The company also has its own engineering workshop that is fully equipped to deal with the simplest repair or the most major rebuild. The workshop is able to repair equipment quickly so that customers can get back to work and make their deadlines.

For more information or to place an order, visit bossattachments.com.au online or call the company directly at 1300 116 661.



Our staple product – a wide, deep bucket with a double-edged bolt-on cutting blade. The Boss mud bucket is built to move large amounts of materials quickly and efficiently.

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The same as a mud bucket but with the added feature of tilting 45 degrees left to right which makes this bucket the operators bucket of choice for intricate detailed work. Features large-capacity, heavy-duty twin cylinders with cylinder guards, bolt-on double-sided cutting edge. Extremely high-grade construction that’s built to last. Available in 13 tonne, 20 tonne and 30 tonne capacity.

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A wide bucket with the same profile as the mud bucket, but ribbed to sort construction materials. Features a high-tensile bar and fully fabricated interlock rib construction for maximum strength. Optional teeth and adaptors available on request. Check out our HD range, built specifically for the mining sector.

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Built tough using 350 & 400 Hardox to withstand
the harshest of conditions, complete with teeth,
side cutters & pins.

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A single-shank attachment for ripping operations or prying rocks. Optimum balance and positioning. Check out our HD range, built specifically for the mining sector.

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Built tough using the finest materials to withstand the harshest of conditions.
These buckets are armoured and come complete with Rock chisels and shielding.
Available in various sizes.

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A hardworking bucket designed to maximize breakout force efficiently and quickly, thanks to its ergonomic engineering. All our digging buckets come complete with teeth, bolt-on side cutters and pins. Check out our HD range, built specifically for the mining sector.

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