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Italian innovation

Boss Attachments is the exclusive Australian distributor for OSA demolition equipment, an Italian-made range of advanced rotating pulverizers, demolition crushers, hydraulic hammers, demolition shears, and rock breakers. Click on the products below for more information. Earthmoving Equipment Digging Buckets


Demolition Shears

Our all-purpose dual-cylinder demolition shear can be used on any site, with advanced demolition capabilities such as 360° rotation allowing for fast, accurate and efficient positioning of the jaw. Ideal for excavators with long arms and machinery not equipped with rotation device.

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rotating pulverizer from Boss Buckets


The FPV series pulverizers have been designed for ground works, satisfying all secondary demolition needs including recycling and pulverization. The FPV pulverizer boosts speed and productivity, thanks to the regenerative installation that allows for fast idle movements and maximum thrust.

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Multifunction Shear

OSA’s multifunction dual-cylinder shear is functional and versatile, able to perform a wide range of demolition tasks. Its 360° rotation allows for fast, accurate and efficient positioning of the jaw. Ideal for excavators with long arms and those not equipped with rotation device.

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Rotating Pulverizers

The RV hydraulic rotating pulverizer series has been designed to meet primary and secondary demolition needs, with its interchangeable blades and teeth, fast valves and advanced 360° rotation feature.

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rotating shear from Boss Buckets

Scrap Shears

Our SH scrap shears have been designed for demolishing iron structures and cutting structural steels, pipes, tanks, sheets and iron cases. The innovative design and the materials used ensure superior strength and acceptable weights. Blades and points can be interchanged for optimal cutting.

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hydraulic hammers from Boss Buckets

Hydraulic Hammers

The HM hydraulic hammer series features an integrated hydraulic system that cancels in vain hits, helping operators avoid breaks to tools, pistons and block tools. A closed case complements the shock absorber system, keeping noise well within legal requirements and making the HM ideal for urban sites.

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