Dymax Tree Shears

A Dymax Excavator Tree Shear is the perfect tool for forest utility work, hazardous fuel removal from forest lands, plantation thinning of acacia and eucalyptus, biomass fuels production and trimming limbs and trees for roadside maintenance and site development or alongside railroad tracks.

In plantation thinning operations of Acacia and Eucalyptus a Dymax Excavator Tree Shear can average between 100 to 180 trees per hour cutting rates and produce more volume of wood than competing models. Cutting rates are subject to tree spacing, operators, and terrain.

Key features:

  • Bolt on replaceable AR400 razor sharp cutting knives yield up to 1,000 hours of performance and are easily sharpened when worn. All cutting knives are adjustable.
  • Heavy duty cylinder rams with guarded lines.
  • Two fabricated steel grapple arms secure trees to control felling and are powered by two (2) cylinder rams.
  • Heavy duty blade carrier shear arms feature oversized chrome plated pivot pins with replaceable bushings.
  • Bolt on guards protect hose lines and all hoses are wrapped with protective covering.
  • Optional 60° hydraulic tilt left and right

Optional Bunching Arm

Options include a bunching arm gatherer that cuts multiple stems in specific operations.
Optional single bunching arm available for 14in, 16in and 18in models.

Optional Hydraulic Tilt Interface

provides up to 60 degrees of tilting performance left and right, allowing operators to adjust during cutting and placement.


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