Hydraulic Rotating Grabs

BOSS Hydraulic Rotating Demolition/Stone Grapples BHRG Series. The strongest, most durable and arguably the most versatile grab on the Australian market today, with performance capabilities that far exceed operator expectations. Perfectly suited in applications where operator’s demand extreme closing forces with precision movement capabilities in all directions. Ideal in primary demolition and rock wall construction applications.

The only Rotating grab on the market which can easily adapt to excavators that DO NOT have secondary hydraulic rotating lines. The operator may simply operate the grapple in free spin operation, ideal for standing posts or may lock the rotation circuit in any position to use as a conventional hydraulic grab.

The BHRG Series have the largest jaw opening whilst maintaining the smallest jaw closings with an un-matched crushing force. The BHRG Series have earned their respect in primary and secondary demolition applications where grapples are subjected to extreme strains in this harsh destructive application. The fact that operators may now pick, pull, push or crush any product in any position makes the BHRG Series the most efficient and versatile grapple on the market.

BHRG Grapples for carriers from 3ton to 50ton, IN-STOCK now for immediate delivery.

Key features:

  • Only Grapple on the market to carry a 2 Year Warranty.
  • 360° Rotation circuit may be operated mechanically of hydraulically with precise product placement.
  • Un-matched crushing forces.
  • Fully shielded hydraulic system with check valves to ensure you never drop your load.
  • Widest Jaw Openings whilst maintaining the smallest jaw closings
  • HARDOX® construction ensures long-lasting durability in extreme conditions.
  • Designed by BOSS, only the best materials are used for excellent quality. Solid, durable and characterized by the now recognizable clean lines designed to resist wear and high stresses in the toughest working conditions.
  • BOSS ATTACHMENTS 24 hour customer support.


  • Pick and place materials from any position in any position.
  • Crush demolition waste to more manageable sizes.
  • Stand posts and sheet piles.
  • Precisely place rocks in rock wall construction.
  • Precisely demolish structures in a controlled demolition application.
  • Lay concrete pipes & place concrete pits.
  • Precisely lay trees on the ground in forestry applications.



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