Pipe Laying Attachment

The ULTIMATE EXCAVATOR PIPE HANDLING ATTACHMENT, Safely install concrete pipes weighing up to 22,000Kg without the need for shoring.

BOSS ATTACHMENTS Australia’s leading supplier of EXTREME EARTHMOVING ATTACHMENTS by BOSS, O.S.A Sri, MB Sri, Corazza Sri & DYMAX Inc.

SPEEDYPIPE®, An attachment for rapid CONCRETE PIPE installation which resolves the challenging safety issues that arise when handling and laying concrete pipes of varying dimensions.

A REVOLUTIONARY DEVICE, exclusive to Boss Attachments from the experience of the Corazza Group Italy. For the past 40 years Corazza has been recognised as the market leader in the Mining and Earthmoving sectors.

Key Features and Benefits:

Certified full Hardox construction.
SP671 model with rotation.
Safely install pipes weighing up to 22,000kg.
SPEEDYPIPE allows contractors to carry out pipe handling works with maximum safety in full respect of the laws in place.
SPEEDYPIPE allows for easy handling of pipe in intricate difficult situations without compromise to safety.
SPEEDYPIPE allows for the installation of pipe without need to shoring the trench.
SPEEDYPIPE will operate on pipeline of any nature and dimension.


12t-25t Carriers, SP671, Rated maximum lifting capacity 13,000Kg

25t-36t Carriers, SP81,    Rated maximum lifting capacity 16,000Kg

36t-50t Carriers, SP90,    Rated maximum lifting capacity 22,000Kg


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