Boss Attachments is proud to introduce the Rotofog RFA Range

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01 Feb 2023

The most intelligent and innovative fixed solution to reduce dust indoor and outdoor.

RFA is an autonomous version of the ROTOFOG, equipped with a pump on board. Like the standard ROTOFOG, it is equipped with a 360° turning head with an operative height up to approx. 3 to 6m, depending on model.

This unit also allows to use the existing low pressure water piping. RFA units can be operated locally or by the specific software, RF COMMANDER. It also operates off standard 3-phase power, negating the need for additional servicing.

Boss Attachments is proud to introduce the Rotofog RFA Range

RFA Rotofog Leotech Control Panel

The rotation angle of the spraying head, the working and the waiting timings, can be easily set from the control panel on board for a completely automatic operation.

RFA can be installed on flat ground or on existing structures, otherwise it can be supplied with a concrete base that allows an easy handling with a forklift.

The Rotofog units are available in a range of sizes, suitable for any application. From small landscape & concrete yards, through to large quarries, there's an RFA to suit. And like the rest of the LEOTECH range, the RFA units feature the same nebulized jet, dust suppression technology.

For more information on the MFX20, MF-40D, MF-60D, or any of the LEOTECH dust suppression range:

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RFA Rotofog Leotech on a construction
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