If We Sell Them – We Know They're World-best Attachments

The Boss range of brands has been selected for their outstanding design innovation, advanced engineering and uncompromising performance. So you can rely on them - to work longer, harder and faster.

Boss Attachments

The Boss range of Buckets, Grabs, and Screening Buckets deliver outstanding innovation, performance and versatility.

Xcentric didn’t invent the crusher bucket – they perfected it. Features include isolating jaw system that improves production by 35%. Xcentric Ripper Mining Series is in a class of it’s own delivering up to 5 times more production than conventional rippers.
OSA Demolition Equipment

OSA demolition solutions set the benchmark for technically advanced, high quality demolition systems.

The cutting edge solution for quality proven and world leading forestry attachments.
AQ - Antraquip

Antraquip is a recognized international leader in the design and manufacture of hydraulic cutting attachments.

Gauss Hydraulic Circular Electromagnetic Lifters deliver a compact, all in one solution, for heavy duty handling of iron and steel.
Walk 'n' Roll International Ltd

Walk ‘n’ Roll sets a new standard and delivers massive cost savings for unsealed road maintenance. Walk ‘n’ Roll grades and compacts Roads in a single operation and has proven to be “Worth its weight in gold” for clients all around the world.
Fortress By Shearcore

Shearcore takes demolition equipment to a whole new level delivering the world’s most powerful work tools, that industry professionals demand.
BOSS Extractor

Taking excavation to a “HOLE” new level

LEOTECH is world's leader in dust and odour suppression systems and machines based on atomized jet technology

Ciclone's dust suppression systems are renowned for their exceptional quality and unwavering reliability. These systems are meticulously crafted by a company that boasts decades of experience in the high-pressure water mist industry, enabling them to intimately understand the daily challenges and requirements faced by professionals.
LaValley Industries

LaValley Industries has brought about a revolutionary transformation in the industries they serve through their exceptional range of products. One of their remarkable innovations is the DECKHAND®, which was conceptualized and developed by the founder of LaValley Industries, who derived inspiration directly from job sites.
Sterling Technology

Boss Attachments is delighted to announce their strategic partnership with the esteemed Korean company, Sterling Technology Inc (Sterling). Known for their unwavering dedication to creating top-of-the-line hydraulic attachments, Sterling has channeled all their resources into designing and developing industry-leading vibratory pile drivers.