Crusher Buckets

Boss Attachments offer the Xcentric Crusher range of crusher buckets, known industry wide as being the world leaders in crusher bucket design. These units are available in a range of sizes, to suit Skid Steer Loaders, Telehandlers, Backhoes and 8t to 40t+ Excavators.

Crusher Bucket Xcentric

Crusher Bucket Xcentric

Xcentic didn’t invent the crusher bucket – they perfected it. Features include isolating jaw system that improves production by 35%.

The Xcentric Crusher is a consistent quality and high-performance crusher bucket, for rock crushing and recycling of materials. Built in HARDOX 400. Solid, durable, characterized by the recognizable clean lines designed to resist wear and high stresses in the toughest working conditions.

Its versatility allows the use of this attachment in a variety of different processes, reducing the need for large, expensive, and cumbersome crushers on-site. The material produced can often be reused directly on site, thus reducing transport costs, and benefiting the environment.

Greenway Demolition photo from Facebook

"Literally turned this house into a pile of dust. Boss Attachments Excentric (sic) crushing bucket is next level in the Demolition game..."

Greenway Demolition photo from Facebook

Greenway Demolition Facebook post.

Small Footprint – Big Production.

crusher bucket on an excavator

While many Crusher Buckets may seem similar in design, the Xcentric Crusher has dozens of features which make it superior to other units, including:

  • A patented, High Inertia Power Train, and circular (eccentric) jaw movement;
  • Increase fuel efficiency through this power train, which requires 40% less oil to operate than conventional crusher buckets;
  • The crushing jaws are placed in a crossed position, which together with its circular motion, gives the Xcentric Crusher the capability of grinding wet material with very little compacting. It also gives Xcentric Crushers the ability to crush softer/sticky material, like asphalt, etc.;
  • Quick adjustment of output size, which can be re-set in minutes, with no specialist tools;
  • A virtually maintenance-free power train, ensuring less down time;
  • The absence of a drain line in the hydraulic motors and the flow control valve make the equipment easily interchangeable between excavators, with a very low risk of failure in case of poor hydraulic adjustment;
  • Huge throughput, of up to 95m3 per hr in limestone, concrete and similar hardness materials
  • Manufactured entirely in HARDOX 400 & Strenx wear materials, for long-lasting durability in extreme conditions;
  • Reverse, unblocking function;
  • Output sizes adjustable from -20mm to -220mm (model dependent);
  • 90% less consumables parts than conventional crusher buckets. No toggles, springs, spacing plates, threaded bars, nylon bushes, or silent blocks
  • Low-dust production, paramount when working with contaminated or hazardous materials
  • 2-Year Warranty, with BOSS ATTACHMENTS & Xcentric Crusher 24-hour customer support

Xcentric didn’t invent the crusher bucket – They perfected it.


Is a Crusher Bucket suited to my application?

The best idea is to call our friendly team at Boss Attachments on 1300 116 661 and talk to an expert. Obviously, you’re never going to replace a 60t primary crusher with a crusher bucket. However, with huge advancements in crusher bucket technology over the last few years, there are massive opportunities to utilise a crusher bucket, along with the advantages that go with them, in applications previously the domain of stand-alone crushers.

What should I look for in a crusher bucket?

A) Firstly, do your research. Read reviews, watch videos, try and arrange to see one operating “in the metal”. Gain as much feedback from genuine users, as you possibly can.

Custom fitted parts of excavator attachment
Custom fitted parts

B) Next, is it custom fitted to your machine? All of our Xcentric Crushers sold at Boss Attachments, are custom fitted to suit the machine they are to be used on.

C) What material is it manufactured from? Look for known brands like Hardox, to ensure quality materials.

D) Warranty. Ask about the warranty on the unit. Not just how long it is, but what actually happens, if there is a problem.

E) Spare parts. Ask if there are parts, in-stock, locally, should they be required.

F) Ask if you can view a unit. If you are lucky enough to live locally, ask if you can drop in to see the quality in person. Alternatively, ask if they can send you some clear photos/videos of a unit operating, so you can compare. Sometimes even a video call can help.

G) Finally, what is included? Does it come standard with the required hoses, headplate, etc? Does it include pre-delivery, installation, and training? Boss Attachments ensure that when you purchase an Xcentric Crusher, it’s ready to work, from day one.

Custom fitted parts of excavator attachment
Xcentric Crusher XC 13

What material can they crush?

The Xcentric Crusher range can crush a host of materials, from hard, virgin rock, to concrete, brick, tile and more. Their patented, circular (eccentric) jaw movement also allows them to crush wet, sticky materials, and even asphalt, that would block most crushers. Their fast and efficient granulometry adjustment, also means they can produce a variety of products with minimal changeover time, making them even more versatile.

Anything other questions I should ask, before committing to a crusher bucket?

Does the crusher bucket have any additional requirements for fitting and use? Some suppliers leave things like hoses up to the customer, so make sure you ask the question, as this can add considerable cost to the purchase. Also, most buckets will require a case drain to be installed on the excavator. While not a huge issue, it’s far better to know in advance, if you need to have one installed.

Lastly, where is your nearest dealer? Boss Attachments have our HQ and main workshop in Somersby, NSW, as well as dealers in WA, QLD & NZ. We also have service capabilities covering the entirety of Australia, NZ and the Pacific Islands. This means, in the unlikely situation that there IS a problem, we can have it fixed faster, to ensure your Xcentric Crusher is doing exactly what it should be, working.

crusher bucket on an excavator