Mobile Steel Shears

A Mobile Steel Shear is designed for fitment to an excavator and used for demolishing iron structures, as well as cutting structural steels, pipes, tanks, sheet, and iron cases. Their innovative design, engineering, and materials, allow for huge cutting forces, while still reaching acceptable weights for mobile use. Mobile Steel Shears can be installed on a variety of carriers; everything from smaller excavators up to massive high reach machines. Many Steel Shears also offer 360-degree rotation, allowing the operation to position the shear in the optimum position for cutting. They can also generally be placed in either the bucket position, or directly onto the excavators arm itself, depending on application.
Mobile Hydraulic Shears Fortress

Mobile Hydraulic Shears Fortress

The NEW WORLD STANDARD! Shearcore takes demolition equipment to a whole new level delivering the world’s most powerful work tools, that industry professionals demand.

Demolition Steel Shears OSA SH

Demolition Steel Shears OSA SH

The SH Series steel shears have been designed for demolishing iron structures and cutting structural steels, pipes, tanks, sheets, and iron cases.

Demolition Multi System OSA – MC

Demolition Multi System OSA – MC

The Primary and Secondary Demolition multifunction dual-cylinder shear is functional and versatile, able to perform a wide range of demolition tasks.

Steel Shears

There are also units designed to work as either a concrete pulveriser, steel shear, or both. These multi-combination units often also allow for different types of head/blades to be fitted, allowing one tool, to perform the role of several. These units are used in a variety of applications, normally dictated by the head or “kit” fitted.

A great example would be the MC Range, by OSA demolition, which are able to be used in all manner of concrete and steel cutting, as well as concrete pulverising/crushing.


What Is a Mobile Steel Shear?

A steel shear is a hydraulic excavator attachment, used in the cutting of steel and other metals.

What Types of Shears Are Most Common?

Steel shears vary widely, depending on application, duty, carrier mount position, and carrier weight. These specifications dictate which shear is most appropriate, for any given application. Because of this, there isn’t really a “Most Common”, unit as such. However, many specific applications lend themselves to one particular type or model, over another.

Where Are Mobile Steel Shears Used?

Steel Shears are used in a range of industries, including demolition, metal recycling, etc.

What Sizes Do Steel Shears Come In?

Steel Shears come in a range of sizes, commonly fitting excavators from 3 tonnes to over 100 tonnes in weight.

What Thickness Steel Can Steel Shears Cut Through?

This depends on the specific shear, however a quick browse of our YouTube Channel will show you the amazing power, some of these units possess.

How Much Do Mobile Steel Shears Cost?

Rental & Sale pricing on Steel Shears varies greatly, according to size, strength, application, and quality. It’s best to contact one of our friendly team at Boss Attachments, to allow one of our friendly team to advise on what unit would be most applicable for your application.

How Often Do Tips/Blades Need Replacing?

This is heavily dependent on use and the quality of wear parts fitted. It should be noted that good quality wear parts, can last over twice as long, as some cheaper, lower quality parts.

Boss Attachments offer a full range of OEM wear parts to suit all steel shears they offer for sale/hire, ensuring you get the greatest service life between replacement.