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13 Dec 2022

A screening bucket is a cost-effective, mobile solution, to large, cumbersome screening units. This can be especially handy on smaller job sites, where space is at a premium.

Also, with an increased focus on recycling and re-using material in the construction sector, it can markedly increase a contractor’s ability to keep as much material on site as possible, which, have various advantages.

The screening bucket attaches to specific construction equipment (normally an excavator, or skid-steer loader), allowing material to be separated according to size. There are various sizes of screening bucket, each suiting a particular machine size.

In this article, we will look at its uses and features, focusing on the most innovative brand on the market today, the Boss Attachments BRS Series (Boss Rotating Screening Buckets).

Investing in a Screening Bucket

What the Screening Bucket Does

Screening buckets come in various types, with the most popular, being a “rotating basket” style. This style has a mesh or perforated plate “basket”, that comes in various apertures (sizes) enabling workers to scoop up multiple materials and sort, according to material size, relative to the aperture. I.e., a screening bucket with a 40mm aperture will spin around, allowing all material smaller than this 40mm size, to escape, whilst retaining larger material.

A screening bucket is versatile, hydraulically driven, and generally allows aperture sizing to be quickly switched, allowing it to accommodate different material types and sizes, depending on the application.

All of these can help a contractor not only save money, by keeping material “on-site”, but also help comply with ever tightening rules and regulations, regarding the classification of waste, and the use of recycled materials in construction works, already in place in many areas of Australia.

Boss Rotating Screening Bucket

Screening Bucket and its Uses

Screening buckets can be used in countless industries and applications, including:

  • Screening Topsoil: Helping prepare topsoil for use in projects like landscaping, for extensive gardens and sports fields, for example
  • Padding and Backfilling: It screens excavated materials that you can then reuse as backfill for, cables, pipes, etc.
  • Composting: They can be used to mix and aerates material, creating high nutritional soil.
  • Mixing Materials: They can be used to add additives to materials, including in remediation applications.
  • Industrial Applications: Screening and separates raw materials; even if wet, or lumpy
  • Recycling: It separates fines in recyclable material, such as screening C&D waste, to reduce tipping fees.
  • Screening Sand: Screening buckets can remove contaminants from sand, prior to commercial or industrial use, or cleaning beaches, etc.

Screening buckets also have the advantage of having a very small footprint, compared to dedicated screening plants. This allows them to operate on sites where material had previously needed to be removed and processed off site. A long and often costly process.

Screening Bucket Features

Not all screening buckets are made equal. With years of refinement, The BOSS ATTACHMENTS BRS Series, are the most innovative on the market, offering:


Not long ago, there were two options when it came to screening on-site. Large & expensive, dedicated screening plants, that took up huge amounts of space to operate. Cost a fortune to hire and transport. And required significant training, just to operate.

Or cumbersome and inefficient “Old-Fashioned” screening buckets, that made more mess, than product. Frequently broke-down or clogged-up. And processed material at a rate that rendered them, all but a waste of time & money.

Now, with the BOSS ATTACHMENT BRS Series, operators have the option of effective, efficient screening. Low initial investment & operating cost. With a footprint, allowing them to be used on almost any site imaginable.

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