Acculoader High Speed Container Loader

The Ultimate Container Loading System

Acculoader is an innovative product for container loading with different materials, such as scrap steel, timber, and waste, among other bulk commodities.

The Acculoader is designed and built by X-Body Equipment Inc., based in Loomis, California, specialising in producing and designing heavy-duty equipment for recycling and transportation requirements.

Acculoader High Speed Container Loader

What is Acculoader?

Acculoader is a container loading system that allows the offload of 20-footer or 40-footer containers in about ten minutes, rather than using a skip steer, which could take over an hour.

This new device is also suitable for small and large yards. It can manage all types of top-loaded materials, including HMS 1 and 2 steel and the capability to handle grains or aggregate. An integrated scale system measuring the weight of a container is present on Acculoader as it tips, allowing optimisation in loading capacity and accuracy.

This invention can also help you recycle the materials in a bulk commodity intermodal container to put on a rail car, which will be sent through rail to its destination.

Finding such a machine is not easy; Acculoader, so far, is the only machine that helps load containers faster and eliminate waste safely at less cost.

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Acculoader makes a difference to each of the sectors that use it.

Acculoader full of metal

Scrap Metal

Acculoader enables you to load scrap metal of HMS 1 and 2 steel grades into the containers with maximum weight capacity and high accuracy. You can increase your bottom line by selling more metal per container. Finally, it enables you to convert waste metal into scrap that can be easily transacted for money while reducing environmental pollution.

Acculoader full of trees

Timber & Logs

Acculoader loads full trees (timber) into the containers in a one-step command. This implies that you save on both time and cost by avoiding the necessity of having to cut, chop or shred the trees for loading purposes. You can, for example, use it to recycle the lumber into a bulk commodity intermodal container, thus reducing waste and reducing environmental waste for your business.

Acculoader full of garbage


With an Acculoader, garbage can be loaded in containers with maximum weight limit and precision. This way, you can maximise the garbage per container and thus increase your income and profit. It can also help recycle the garbage into a bulk commodity intermodal container that will then be loaded and sent on rail to a landfill. That means you have an opportunity to reduce the demand for line-haul trucks and save on fuel costs as well as emissions.

Acculoader full of grain


Using the Acculoader, you can load grain – a bulk commodity according to maximum weight capacity and high calibration. Exporting more grain per container will optimise your revenue and profit. It also permits you to recycle the grain into a bulk commodity container. Thus, it is possible that you can minimise waste from your operation as well as reduce its adverse effect on the environment.

Acculoader full of scrap iron

Scrap Iron

To be more precise, the Acculoader enables you to load scrap iron into containers that are capable of holding as much weight placed in them with utmost accuracy. Sell more iron per container – you will increase your revenue and profit. On the other hand, it also enables you to reuse scrap iron as a bulk commodity rather than recycle it, reducing waste and eliminating the environmental impact on your business.

Acculoader full of pallets


It enables one to load pallets, a class of bulk commodities, into containers with greater hauling and precision properties. Transporting more pallets per container allows you to optimise your revenue and profit. Pallets can also be loaded into a bulk commodity intermodal container that will be loaded and sent by rail.

Acculoader full of equipment

Equipment Loading

Equipment loading is a process of moving heavy and big machines or equipment such as loaders, excavators, forklifts, and tractors from one place to another. In most cases, it may be referred to as transfer them, but on many other occasions, they are loaded on tracks. Equipment loading is difficult and takes a lot of time because of the special vehicles, trailers, and ramps. People should be well equipped to fix the leading equipment on these mechanisms via straps that are not broken or damaged. Acculoader eases and enhances equipment loading since it allows the possibility of loading equipment directly into a container without using any other vehicle, trailer, ramp or strap. The loading chamber in the Acculoader is large and firmly constructed to accept any top-loaded type of equipment. Acculoader also has a strong hydraulic system that can deliver the equipment into the container within seconds - almost like it weighs nothing!

acculoader blueprint

Acculoader Specifications

Chamber volume 40 m2
Overall weight 28100 kg
Pupms Gear pump 132 lpm total @ 100 Bar
Valves 2 load sensing valves
Hydraulic tank capacity 833 l
Controls Remote control driven and manual control back up
Cycle time Full length cycle 2 min 30 seconds
Power unit Motor 40 hp electric
Optional tier 4 final diesel engine
Cycle time Full length cycle 2 min 30 seconds

Additional features

remote display of custom scales
  • Custom Scale system with remote display visible to material handler operator -Sealed greased rollers
  • 1 year power unit warranty
  • 1 year structural warranty
  • AR 400 material used on wearable surfaces

How does Acculoader work?

In two simple steps: load and unload. To begin with, the loading of materials occurs in the chamber part of the Acculoader, which can carry up to 48 cubic yards and is designed for heavy impact.

You can load the materials into the chamber as much as you want – using any available loader or excavator. Secondly, you dump the materials into a container backed by the Acculoader. It takes only seconds for a button to push materials into the container.

It also has a hydraulic system for speed and push force provision, while the load-sensing valve regulates pressure depending on the weight of loads applied. It comes with a control panel that displays the weight of the container and load numbers.

What are the advantages of using an Acculoader?

Acculoader offers many benefits for your business and the environment, such as:

Saving time and money

The reduced loading time by Acculoader from hours to minutes makes it possible to load more containers daily, thus saving 40 percent of the costs incurred if such jobs are done manually. It also eliminates the requirement for line-haul trucks, which saves you fuel costs and emissions.

Improving safety and quality

The Acculoader does not have risks related to loading done by hand, including injuries and accidents that may occur or damage to the materials being loaded due to hard impact in the container. It also ensures the materials are evenly and securely loaded; hence, materials are not slipping or shifting.

Enhancing efficiency and productivity

It is here where the term top-loaded does not just entail being loaded from above; it actually encompasses loading any material that can be considered as such. It means you could diversify your products and, therefore, expand your own market. Acculoader also lets you take full advantage of the shipping containers, enabling you to load them with maximum weight to maximise your revenue and profit.

Supporting sustainability and recycling

With Acculoader, the recycling can be transferred into a bulk commodity intermodal container rather than deposited in a regular waste bin, allowing you to diminish your waste and reduce environmental issues. As we mentioned at the start, it also accommodates rail transportation, which is a nice option from the standpoint of being much more fuel-saving and green than road transport.

This new product will make your container loading process easy and increase its effect on business performance. It is a product you will never regret purchasing since you’ll treasure it for its speed, quality, and help to your bottom line.

  • Infrastructure Service
  • Recycling
  • Logistic Centres
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction Materials Suppliers
Acculoader High Speed Container Loader

Acculoader will change your business by overhauling your container loading process and increasing your business's efficiency.