Hydraulic Hammers Boss


Boss Breakers
Hit harder Last longer

Built to last and ready to handle the toughest challenges, these hydraulic breakers deliver heavyweight performance, and reduced operating costs, without any compromise to power and production.


‣ Up to 40% less operating cost
‣ Extremely powerful and durable
‣ Anti blank fire feature
‣ Auto shut-off system
‣ Nitrogen fired operation
‣ Auto lube system available with some models
‣ Range of models to suit all excavator types
‣ Extensive tool bit option range

Hydraulic Hammers Boss


  1. Energy Regeneration Nitrogen Gas Cushion Chamber (ERNGCC) Absorbs the piston's upward recoil and conduct energy recycling for the constant blow.
  2. Side Buffer Side vibration absorber and side suspension device to protect the powercell.
  3. Easy-Pass Valve Side mounted type of "Easy-Pass Valve (EPV)" as a spool to regulate smooth oil traffic and t control the oil direction for the stable operation and the vibration absorbing.
  4. N2 Gas Charged Accumulator Rechargeable N2 gas accumulator to assist power stroke and to reduce the surge pressure and the spikes from the hydraulic circuit of the excavator.
  5. Piston Most efficient design for maximum energy transfer and recoil reduction as well as ideal match of tool and piston diameters. It transfers highest shock wave into the breaking objects.
  6. Efficient Power Transfer (Piston to tool) Optimum transfer of blow energy into the material and the reduction of the recoil.
  7. Dual Tool Retainer Pins Correct tool alignment and dispersion of tool wear.
  8. Housing Bottom Plate Abrasion-resistant plate delivers breaker protection.
  9. Working Tool Heat treated and optimal length for efficient breaking.
  10. Replaceable Tool Bushing Convenience for replacement and protect the front head. (Not shown on the illustration)
  11. Wearing Plates Employment of wear resistant plates between cylinder, front head and housing increases the overall product durability.
  12. Auto Grease Refiller Compact auto grease refiller is equipped as an optional feature. Easy daily refill is serviced and continuous greasing is available as long as the breaker is operated. (Not shown on the illustration)
  13. Double Speed System As a standard feature to change from long stroke to short stroke according to the operator's requirement for the optimal performance. (Not shown on the illustration)
  14. Underwater Application (UA) Air line for underwater use. (Not shown on the illustration)
  15. Super Anti Blank Firing (SABF) System SABF increases the lifespan of all components subject to wear and fatigue and reducing stress for the arm of the main carrier and the breaker. (Not shown on the illustration)
  16. All-In-One Type of Upper Bushing and Thrust Ring Integration Convenient one set and easier maintenance and serviceability without disassembly of powercell.
  17. Cylinder Design Square typed cylinder design brings optimum match between back head and front as well as improves stable operation to increase the product durability and to reduce the unnecessary damages such as scratches.
  18. Base Buffer Vibration absorber and suspension device to protect the powercell.
  19. Side (Tie) Rods Fully closed side (tie) rods enlarges the durability and the optimal load carrying capacity is designed.
  20. Top Buffer Vibration absorber to prevent the impulses between the carrier and the breaker.

Boss Breaker Range


B0103S B0206S B0409S
EXCAVATOR CLASS Tonnes 1-3t 2.5-6t 4.5-9t
WORKING WEIGHT (BOX) kg 184 259 412
TOOL DIAMETER mm 40 60 75
OIL FLOW L/min 15-35 35-60 40-80
OPERATING PRESSURE bar 90-120 90-130 95-130
IMPACT RATE BPM 700-1500 400-1100 450-750
IMPACT FORCE Joules 400 746 1,356


B1116S B1826S B2835S
EXCAVATOR CLASS Tonnes 11-16t 18-26t 28-35t
WORKING WEIGHT (BOX) kg 980 2,000 2,716
TOOL DIAMETER mm 100 140 155
OIL FLOW L/min 80-110 120-180 180-240
OPERATING PRESSURE bar 140-160 160-180 160-180
IMPACT RATE BPM 400-750 350-500 300-450
IMPACT FORCE Joules 3,392 8,141 10,854


B4055S B5070S B7090S
EXCAVATOR CLASS Tonnes 40-55t 50-70t 70-90t
WORKING WEIGHT (BOX) kg 4,200 5,400 6,700
TOOL DIAMETER mm 180 195 205
OIL FLOW L/min 250-300 300-360 360-420
OPERATING PRESSURE bar 160-180 160-180 160-180
IMPACT RATE BPM 200-400 200-245 260-310
IMPACT FORCE Joules 12,000 13,000 14,000


The operator can selectively adjust On & Off Modes of Anti Blank Firing function according to the given working condition.

Super Anti Blank Firing On

  • In SABF On mode, the hammer automatically starts when the tool presses down the workpiece and automatically stops when the tool tip is no longer in contact with the material.
  • The operator can efficiently control the hammer operation even in poor visibility such as underwater.
  • Internal stress, especially on the tool-retaining components such as the tool pin, front head, side rod, is reduced, providing increased hammer lifespan.

Super Anti Blank Firing Off

  • In SABF Off Mode, the operator can save time to position the breaker. This provides great productivity through increased efficiency of hammer operation.


  • Moil

    • Universal usage;
    • Concrete breaking;
    • Rock breaking;
    • Road construction.
  • Moil (Long)

    • Universal usage;
    • Concrete breaking;
    • Rock breaking;
    • Road construction.
  • Cone

    • Universal usage;
    • Soft & nonbrasive work
  • Chisel

    • Mining;
    • Trenching;
    • Ground work;
    • Slope breaking
  • Dust Chisel

    • Mining;
    • Trenching;
    • Ground work;
    • Slope breaking
  • Asphalt Cutter

    • Frozen ground;
    • Asphalt cutting
  • Blunt

    • Mining;
    • Block holing;
    • Secondary breaking;
    • Slag removal;
  • Slab Buster

    • Slab demolishing;
    • Lower tool wear application
  • Tank Cutter

    • Container chopping;
    • Special application for two tips’ breaking
Hydraulic Hammers Boss