Dymax Brushcutters

For a brushcutter that delivers more power and better performance, use the Dymax Vortex. You’ll be blown away!
Available with a 70 or 80-inch cutting width, the Vortex Brushcutter is not your ordinary mower attachment - geared towards higher-end performance, it delivers more power and it's designed allows cutting of 4-to-6-inch materials all day long. Equipped with open-end frame design, the Vortex Brushcutter cuts the material before it encounters the deck. This allows for the faster cleanout and recycles times while driving the skid loader forward.

Dymax Brushcutters

Key features

  • Up to 6″ diameter cutting capacity.
  • (3) AR400 replaceable cutting knives.
  • Powerful gear motor system.
  • Heavy-duty open-sided deck/frame design holds up to 24/7 operations.
  • 750 lb flywheel.
  • Available in 60″ cutting width or 70″ cutting width.
  • Features dual discharge deck.
  • Provided with hose lines to the skid loader (couplings not provided).


Model No.


Weight (lbs/kg)

DX-VT-BCSF-V70-SS-USS Vortex Brush Cutter – Standard Flow – 70″ cutting width – Skid Steer 1,990/903
DX-VT-BCMF-V70-SS-USS Vortex Brush Cutter – Medium Flow – 70″ cutting width – Skid Steer 1,990/903
DX-VT-BCHF-V70-SS-USS Vortex Brush Cutter – High Flow – 70″ cutting width – Skid Steer 2,070/903
DX-VT-BCMF-V80-SS-USS Vortex Brush Cutter – Medium Flow – 80″ cutting width – Skid Steer 2,120/962
DX-VT-BCHF-V80-SS-USS Vortex Brush Cutter – High Flow – 80″ cutting width – Skid Steer 2,200/998



Flow Type

Hydraulic Flow
Requirement: gpm

Hydraulic Flow
Requirement: psi

Machine Rated
Operating Capacity: lbs

70″ models only Standard Flow 19 to 26 3,200 2,500 (minimum)
70″ and 80″ models Medium Flow 26 to 33 3,200 2,800 (minimum)
70″ and 80″ models High Flow 34 to 41 3,200 2,800 (minimum)

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

  • Forestry
  • Excavator
  • Skid Steer
Dymax Brushcutters

The cutting edge solution for quality proven and world-leading forestry attachments.

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