MOTOFOG is a nebulized jet dust suppression and Dust Control Solutions equipped with an internal combustion engine, which drives the high pressure pump. The water is sent to the nozzles holder head with rotation and lifts by hand or electric movement. The jet is positioned to a height, which doesn't disturb the technicians in the building site.



MOTOFOG with DUAL JET is highly flexible and suits perfectly the operator’s requirements. The mounted nozzles allow, through a simple manoeuvre, some jets which can advantage the range or the width according to the operation necessities.


With MOTOFOG a water supply is enough to be immediately working. The costs are limited because you don’t need power units and every thing is space-saving and has reduced weights.

Economic saving.
‣ The water saving in comparison to the traditional systems is remarkable.
‣ There will be no more electrical cables in the building site and in the puddles.
‣ The machine is equipped with wheels for easier displacements in the building site and can be equipped with water container.


Choose the MOTOFOG model that best suits your needs: With ranges from 10 to 55 m and Diesel and Electric versions, we have the right answer to every need.

motofog range svg

Technical Specifications

MOTOFOG is available with Diesel (D) and Electric motor.

MF-10 MF-20 MF-40 MF-60
Engine Power
  D - Diesel CV/kW
- 7/5.0 10/7.4 25.7/18.9
Engine Power
  E - Electric kW/Volt
2.0/220-110 4.0/400 5.5/400 -
Range till m 12-15 20-25 30-35 50-55
Siewing Corner deg - 90-140 90-140 90-140
Angle pivotement Vertical Angle deg -30 +60 -8 +38 -8 +38 -7.5 +75
Nozzles Number 2 2 2 2
Water pressure bar 25-80 25-80 25-80 25-80
Water Quality sweet non agressive water
Water consumption l/1' max 6-13 12-24 20-42 50-100
Operating height m 1.41 2.11 2.11 2.33
Uptim h 6 6 6 8
Weight kg 63-71 187-155-180 208-180-190 435
Dimension m 1.04x0.88x0.75 1.64x1.20x2.00 1.64x1.20x2.00 1.45x1.30x1.56