OSA Demolition Multisystem – RV


RV hydraulic rotating pulverisers have been manufactured with HARDOX 400 to resist wear and tear and they have a regenerative circuit for a fast jaw opening and closing. Hydraulic rotation (360°) gives precise positioning of the pulveriser in every working condition.

The OSA Demolition Multisystem RV, a part of the RV Series, is a hydraulic rotating pulveriser designed to fulfill primary and secondary demolition requirements. With its interchangeable blades and teeth, it offers versatility in handling various materials. Constructed with HARDOX 400, these pulverisers are highly resistant to wear and tear.

Equipped with a regenerative circuit, they ensure rapid jaw opening and closing. The hydraulic rotation feature provides precise positioning, allowing for efficient operation in any working condition. Experience the reliability and precision of the OSA Demolition Multisystem RV for all your demolition needs.

OSA Demolition Multisystem – RV

Key features

  • An innovative system “PRV” (Pressure Relief Valve) to protect the pulveriser from high pressure
  • Pulveriser in HARDOX 400
  • A reversed cylinder to protect the rod
  • A fast valve
  • Interchangeable blades
  • An innovative interchangeable teeth system
  • Specifications

    • Waste & Recycling
    • Demolition
    • Excavator
    • Demolition Shears
    OSA Demolition Multisystem – RV

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