Pole Manipulator PM1000™

Innovative Grappling Solution for Infrastructure Projects with Pipes and Poles.

With the expansion of cities and suburbs come multiple infrastructure projects.

Not all projects are alike, especially in size.

Installation and replacement of pipes and poles is not only a drag on time but can be costly without using the latest technology on the market.

The latest tech helps get these jobs done quicker than cranes, straps, and chains, which can be time-consuming, not entirely accurate and dent your wallet.

Pole Manipulator PM1000™

So what other options are out there?

Using a Pipe and Pole Grapple is the answer. These compatible attachments, make a complex light or utility pole job easy and safe at the same time.

Light Pole Installation in Just 30 Minutes with PM1000™ Pipe and Pole Grapple

Designed specifically for utility and construction applications, the PM1000™ is an advanced, user-friendly tool for the installation of light and utility poles. Its secure grip and versatile maneuverability enhance efficiency while minimizing risks for both the crew and the public.

A robust grapple attachment, compatible with a wide range of crane trucks and prime movers, the PM1000™ effortlessly manages poles, pipes, and posts of various shapes and sizes, weighing up to 1000 lbs. It accommodates both direct burial and anchor installation methods, delivering cost and time savings for installation and replacement projects.

Look how the PM1000™ pipe and pole grapple makes quick work of light pole installation along a busy highway.

PM1000™ Features

  • Introducing the Innovative Pole Rotate System™, enabling a full 360° rotation of poles, pipes, and posts with an active grip for precise indexing and alignment during installation.
  • Capable of securely gripping and rotating poles of diverse shapes, materials, and sizes for use in both horizontal and vertical applications.
  • Operated using the hydraulic and electrical circuits of your crane truck or prime mover.
  • A straightforward yet elegant design ensures safe operation and maximum adaptability in any environment.



Part Number 8900
Model Number PM1000
Max Load Capacity 455 KG
Gripping Diameter 3-14 IN
Attachment Weight 773 KG
Overall Dimensions (mm) 1295L X 890W X 1650H
Max Tilt 95°


For crane truck / prime mover

Supply Pressure 2500-3000 PSI
Min Flow 6 GPM
Hydraulic Functions 4
Hydraulic Circuits 2 minimum
Electrical Circuits 2 (12V DC)
  • Infrastructure Service
Pole Manipulator PM1000™

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