Side-Grip Pile Driver Sterling

Versatile and Cost-Effective for Construction Projects

The Sterling Side Grip pile driver is a vibratory pile driver that can be mounted on an excavator and handle all pile types with its various interchangeable clamps.

Equipped with a hydraulic revolving mounting adapter that can rotate 360 degrees and a hydraulic tilt function that can tilt up to 30 degrees, the Sterling Side Grip pile driver can precisely position piles even in restricted spaces. Additionally, it only requires a single excavator operator to operate, eliminating the need for extra personnel.

Side-Grip Pile Driver Sterling

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the Sterling Side Grip pile driver is a cost-effective and versatile choice for any construction project. It can handle a wide range of pile types and pile up quickly, making it a reliable and efficient option. If you are seeking an effective and dependable pile driver, consider the Sterling Side Grip pile driver.

Key features

  • Available for a wide ranges of piles
    • Sheet piles
    • H beams
    • I-H beams
    • Round-piles
  • Piling can be done in a versatile manner at a job site with ample headroom
  • Piling can be executed in a flexible way even when working in a constrained job site with limited space
  • The grip pads with 360-degree swivel rotatable feature allow for precise and accurate clamping
  • The larger and double eccentric weight of this side grip pile driver enables quicker penetration and extraction compared to other models
  • Sterling Side Grip has low maintenance costs and is easy to maintain
  • Durable bearings, balanced counterweights, and a rigid rubber cushion for added durability

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Models Specifications

Parameter Unit SG25 SG30 SG40
Suitable Excavator ton 20 - 26 28 - 36 36 - 50
Weight (incl. Mounting Cap) kg 2,820 3,300 3,800
Setting Pressure bar 250 250 280
Oil Flow lpm 170 - 200 180 - 220 240 - 260
Centrifugal force kN 520 610 700
Frequency bpm 2,800 - 3,600 2,800 - 3,600 2,200 - 2,800
Rotation deg 360
Dimension (A x B x C) mm 1,515 x 1,040 x 2,833 1,515 x 1,040 x 2,833 1,560 x 1,110 x 2,918
Tilt degree deg ±30
Bottom Jaw open mm 65
Side clamp open mm 352
Min Pile Grip Dia mm 150
Max Pile Grip Dia mm 500
* Specifications above are subject to change without notice.

Side Grip Pile Drivers Clamps


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Side-Grip Pile Driver Sterling