Telescopic Clamshell Boss Extractor


Extractor Telescopic Clamshell logo The world's safest & technologically advanced telescopic clamshell delivers inexhaustible extraction rates others can only dream of. The extractor telescopic clamshell boosts productivity and exhibits the best performance in bulk load out of deep excavation works.
In a joint venture project between Boss Attachments Australia & Shearpower Corp. Canada, our engineers have designed the EXTRACTOR telescopic clamshell models with performance-enhancing features delivering ultimate productivity, durability with minimal service intervals.
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Telescopic Clamshell Boss Extractor

Boss Extractor at work

Clamshell Telescopic Arm

Using a technologically advanced combination of wire ropes and hydraulic cylinders, the Boss Extractor telescopic arm extends and retracts smoothly with a full load in a matter of seconds. The ultra-fast cycle times cut deep excavation bulk load out costs by 75% whilst increasing productivity. ONE MAN - ONE MACHINE.


Excavators equipped with the Boss Extractor telescopic clamshells have been designed to boost productivity on complex and challenging excavation projects. They can be used to remove soil from depths till 50 meters below ground and load trucks to transport the material swiftly off site. The excavator range can be relied upon to operate smoothly and safely to meet tight deadlines.

Wire Ropes System

One of several safety features incorporated into the design of the Extractor telescopic arms is the fact that each wire rope has a safety load rating of more than 5 times the load. This means that, in the unlikely event that one rope should break, the other will hold the telescopic arm firmly in place, until it can be repaired. This is one of the many ways in which the excavator contributes to the safe and successful operation of any job site.

Incorporated Counterweight

Another beneficial feature of the excavator range of telescopic excavators is the availability of an additional counterweight. This is incorporated between the machine and the original counterweight, and not changing the appearance of the excavator. Therefore, it allows the machine to be used for a variety of operations on the job site, enhancing its versatility and overall levels of productivity.


The excavator telescopic arm it’s an example of complex machines where good vision is essential to allow the work to progress smoothly and safely. The Boss Twin Camera System delivers uninterupted 360 degree view of the bucket and landing area at all times as well as live audio streaming for twin cameras are mounted to the boom whilst the bucket and landing area at all times. For ultimate dependability and reliability each camera is completely independed from the other.

Boss Extractor camera


The Boss fully integrated auto lockout system delivers unparalleled safety to the equipment and most importantly, human lives. This unique safety device prevents the telearm from being tilted beyond 9 degrees minus or positive, keeping the excavator well within the safety stability zone. The highly sophisticated touch screen module interfaces with the operational workings and diagnostics of the BOSS EXTRACTOR Telescopic Clamshell which displays:

  • wire rope monitoring,
  • bucket landing,
  • backfill function,
  • hour meter,
  • service interval metering
  • and even headlight switching.


Allows the Boss Extractor telearm to be easily swapped bewteen multiple excavators of differing brands in your fleet, and does away with the need for a dedicated base carrier excavator.


Easy access panels allow for quick and easy maintanence of the arm at all times. In fact every internal part of the telearm can be easily accessed without the need to disassemble the arm or remove the arm from the excavator.

Boss Extractor at construction

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Telescopic Clamshell Boss Extractor

Taking Excavation to a whole new level. The Boss Extractor Clamshell Telescopic Arm has been developed to work underground and/or underwater to a depth of 50 meters (sixteen-story below ground)!

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