Exit-Side Solution for the Horizontal Drilling Industry

The TONGHAND® by LaValley Industries is a powerful tool designed for the HDD industry's exit-side operations. With this device, a single operator can precisely torque and un-torque drill rods while sitting comfortably and safely in the excavator cab. By doing so, TONGHAND® eliminates the need for physically demanding wrenches and removes the risks associated with personnel working in hazardous areas.

TONGHAND® is compatible with any excavator brand and can be efficiently powered by the machine's auxiliary hydraulics. The tool's telescoping roller arms can lift, tilt, shift, rotate and position a single rod or drill string securely and accurately under the operator's full control.


Thanks to its patented TongVise™ technology, the TONGHAND® can quickly and precisely make and break joints, regardless of whether you're working with drill rods, subs, reamers or other tooling. By saving time and money and enhancing job-site safety, the TONGHAND® is an invaluable asset to any HDD operation.

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Key features

  • The TONGHAND® can be attached to any excavator in the 30-36 metric ton range.
  • With the patented TONGVISE, it can produce up to 162696 Nm of torque to make and break joints.
  • It can also work with pipe reamers and adapter sub connections that are sized between 15.2 cm and 25.4 cm.
  • The device features patented Roller Arms and a shift function that allows for threading and unthreading of all connections.
  • The TONGHAND's Gull Wing design allows for easy movement of the arms to make and break reamers, while the Tilt function can tilt up to 20° in both directions.
  • The Shift feature can shift the pipe a total of 17.8 cm.
  • Additionally, the TONGHAND® can function as a pipe handler for precise placement of drill rod on rigs, racks, or trucks.
  • The TONGHAND® control system and In-Cab display provide the ability to torque pipe joints to a specified torque value.

TONGHAND® Specifications

Part Number 6430
Model Number TH2
Excavator Wt Class 30-36 Ton
Supply Pressure 345 BAR
Standard Recommended Flow 95 LPM
Max Flow 132 LPM
Min Flow 76 LPM
Capacity 7 258 KGS
Weight 3 788 KGS
Overall Dimensions (mm) 2540L x 1194W x 2464H
Shipping Storage Stand P/N 6298
Shipping Weight w/ Stand 4 128 KG
Shipping Builder Stand P/N 6772
Shipping Weight w/ Stand 4 309 KG
TONGHAND main module

DECKHAND® Accessories


tonghand accessories
Description TONGHAND Shipping/Storage Stand
Part Number 6298
Stand Weight 340 KG
Stand Dimensions (mm) 2540L X 1524W X 2565H
  • Horizontal Drilling Industry

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