Walk ‘n’ Roll

“Walk ‘N’ Roll is worth it's weight in gold”

”Within the first 6 weeks it was obvious that the Walk ‘n’ Roll was saving us huge amounts of money”. ”After a 4 month term we purchased it outright and over the term of the contract it has already paid for itself”. ”The Walk ‘n’ Roll has been worth its weight in gold. It is easy to maneuver and compacts almost as well as a standard 7-ton roller. Since we’ve started using the Walk ‘n’ Roll we’ve had almost no complaints about potholes or other surfacing problems. The means the equipment has been the right thing for us - and it is also saving the ratepayers huge amounts of money”. Transfield Services - New Zealand

Walk ‘n’ Roll

Saves Thousands Cost-effective operation significantly reduces annual grading a rolling costs. Durable Road Surface Guards against water-related damage by decreasing permeability and maintains shape and drainage paths. Environmental Protection Reduces erosion and dust levels to minimize potential contamination of waterways and sensitive habitat. Also carbon neutral in some operations. 4 Track Rolled Surface Promotes traffic to travel on 4 tracks rather than 3.

Here's the facts

  • Patented walking beam system that delivers 100% surface coverage and maximum compaction in road base.
  • Built to last with heavy-duty box tubing and a patented walking beam that pivots on hardened steel pins.
  • 10 tyres mounted on individual 2.5t hubs that can use 1000’s of kg’s of grader weight with utilizing downward pressure from the ripper or lift assembly.
  • Performance proven USA design and manufacture.

  • Construction
  • Demolition
  • Earthmoving
  • Forestry
  • Mining
  • Quarry
  • Grader
Walk ‘n’ Roll

Walk ‘n’ Roll sets a new standard and delivers massive cost savings for unsealed road maintenance. Walk ‘n’ Roll grades and compacts Roads in a single operation and has proven to be “Worth its weight in gold” for clients all around the world.

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