Telescoping Arms

Clamshell telescopic arms boost productivity on excavation projects, enabling removal of soil from down to 40m below ground.


Taking Excavation to a whole new level. The Cosben Telescopic Arm has been developed to work underground and/or underwater to a depth of 40 metres (sixteen-story below ground)!

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We believe the performance of the excavator range of clamshell telescopic excavators will extend beyond your expectations.

Cosben engineers have designed the clamshell telescopic models with performance-enhancing features, and the ultimate aim to produce machines that will enable you to complete underground construction projects safely and on schedule.



Using a technologically advanced combination of rope and hydraulic cylinders, the telescopic arm extends and retracts smoothly with a full load in a matter of seconds.

The hydraulic circuit for the excavator range, offer even higher levels of productivity. They have proved to be quicker than the traditional skips and crane method of below-ground excavation, for example. The new models can also be fitted with an optional Shuttle Q-Fit, which provides greater versatility on busy job sites.


The excavators equipped with clamshell telescopic arms have been designed to boost productivity on complex and challenging excavation projects.

They can be used to remove soil from depths till 40 meters below ground and load trucks to transport the material swiftly off site. The excavator range can be relied upon to operate smoothly and safely to meet tight deadlines.


One of several safety features incorporated into the design of the excavator range of telescopic arm excavators is the wire ropes system.

This means that, in the unlikely event that one rope should break, the other will hold the telescopic arm firmly in place, until it can be repaired. This is one of the many ways in which the excavator contributes to the safe and successful operation of any job site.


Another beneficial feature of the excavator range of telescopic excavators is the availability of an additional counterweight.

This is incorporated between the machine and the original counterweight, and not changing the appearance of the excavator.

Therefore, it allows the machine to be used for a variety of operations on the job site, enhancing its versatility and overall levels of productivity.


The excavator telescopic arm it’s an example of complex machines where good vision is essential to allow the work to progress smoothly, as Cosben’s vision solution allows the safety condition working and improves operating efficiency in the job-site. The operator must often move into unnatural positions to be able to follow what is going on, and this can lead to injury, or forced to stop working. An Cosben vision solution enables the driver to maintain a correct posture and allows him to work in more comfort, offering a dual benefit!


The TA excavator can also be fitted with an optional Shuttle Q-Fit “quick coupling”, which provides greater versatility on busy job sites. Easy to connect and disconnect the Shuttle Q-Fit significantly reduces the time for disassembly / assembly of the clamshell telescopic arm to the excavator, containing substantially the additional costs in transport of excavator.


The telescopic arm is also equipped with a safety valve, which, in the unlikely event of a damaged cylinder, will prevent any other impact on the machine or the environment.


The safe performance of the excavator with telescopic arm is aided by the use of warning lights and safety alarms. For example, if either of the two ropes were to break suddenly or extend too far, an indication light and a warning buzzer would alert the operator immediately. In addition, a warning buzzer will alert the operator if too much pressure is applied once the clamshell bucket has reached the ground and is excavating the material.


When the operators need to work with two pins on mounting as dredge pump working example, they need to buy the Front head’s link, that with the inside head cylinder and link allows to use the two pins fixing.


The easy maintenance features of the excavators contribute to maximum uptime, allowing operators to carry out routine checks quickly, then focus on the main task at hand. One example is the top cover in two openings of the telescopic arm, which can be opened easily for inspection.



Taking Excavation to a whole new level. The Cosben Telescopic Arm has been developed to work underground and/or underwater to a depth of 40 metres (sixteen-story below ground)!

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