OSA Tree Shears - LIV

The OSA LIV Series Hydraulic Tree Shears are designed to perform at their best in extreme forestry applications.


OSA demolition solutions set the benchmark for technically advanced, high quality demolition systems.

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When it’s time to tackle Australian Hard Woods, the LIV Series come into play. Forward-thinking design and high-quality metallic components deliver a superior level of cutting force with acceptable weights for these shears.

Designed for excavators from 13 - 45 Tonne with a 12 month factory warranty.


Key features

  • Jaw opening LIV15, 790mm & LIV20 1000mm.
  • Cutting and splitting forces that are unmatched by any other shear on the market.
  • Constructed entirely with HARDOX and WELDOX for superior strength and wear characteristics each unit carries the HARDOX seal of approval.
  • Replaceable Cutting Blade.
  • Piecing tips for optimum performance in log splitting applications.
  • Fully protected O.S.A cylinder.
  • O.S.A innovative “PRV” (Pressure Relief Valve) to protect the shear from high pressure.
  • Designed and manufactured in Italy to meet Australasian conditions.