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01 Jun 2022

This small and highly manoeuvrable unit packs a huge punch, with an array of features and mounting options never before seen. Including on excavators, other equipment, stand alone and even directly onto an IBC (w/optional tank support kit). This custom designed support kit, mounting it onto any standard IBC, it also easily fits in the back of a dual-cab ute, where it can be deployed in seconds, anywhere, with up to an hour of operation from a single, quick to fill tank.

With its on-board, petrol engine,189-degree range of oscillation, twin jet spray options, and full remote-control system, this is THE compact solution, that is BIG on features and technology.

The Worldwide Leaders In Dust Suppression Introduce: The All-New MOTOFOG MFX20

The MFX20 has the ability to supply water where it is required… ONLY! Not creating puddles, flooding areas, and blocking access roads, like most cumbersome, and outdated water carts can.

Just as importantly, with water requirements of less than 25 lt/min, the MFX20 will make a MASSIVE difference to your water consumption, making it both environmentally friendly and cost efficient. This is vital in areas where water is in short supply, or where reliant solely on mains water.

And the best thing? Like the entire range of Leotech Motofog units, it stops dust. Fast. Utilising the same nebulized jet, dust suppression system, that has made the MF-40D & MF-60D so popular around the world, means that the MF20X is not only small and efficient, but also incredibly effective.

For more information on the MFX20, MF-40D, MF-60D, or any of the LEOTECH dust suppression range, please contact us today.

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